09:00am - 10:00am
On-site Registration, Partner Showcase, Networking Breakfast
10:00am - 10:05am
Ravi Shankar Denodo

Grand kick off of the 2017 Denodo DataFest NYC!

10:05am - 10:30am
Grand Keynote: Company Leadership from Data Leadership
William McKnight McKnight Consulting Group
An increase in data leadership correlates to an increase in business success.

Every single item on a company mission statement relates to data at some level. It is from the position of data expertise that the mission will be executed and company leadership will emerge. The data professional is absolutely sitting on the performance of the company in this information economy and has an obligation to demonstrate the possibilities and originate the architecture, data and projects that will deliver. After all, no matter what business you’re in, you’re in the business of information.

The data leader will anticipate the need -- the voracious need -- for data. If the need does not seem to exist, that is where to start. Commit to growing the data science at your organization. It's simply not enough to be responsive to urgent requests and be the data leader that companies need.

The speaker will share from experience some of the hallmarks of mature, leading data environments that leaders will be guiding their data environments towards in the next few years, with the goal of helping true data leadership emerge.

THEME 1 - Data Virtualization

10:30am - 10:45am
Customer Presentation: Data Virtualization for Modern Data Integration
Alex Rosenthal Guardian Life

Modern data integration relies on fast data strategy - the ability to quickly make the data available to the business users in real-time.
Attend this session to learn:

  • How to modernize your data integration
  • How to create a data abstraction layer so that business users are insulated from underlying system changes
  • Establishing a data services marketplace, so that developers can easily develop SOA applications
10:45am - 11:15am
Customer & Partner Presentation: Get More Business Value with Certified Data Marketplace
Simon Ummard Enmax / Arif Rajwani Simplicity BI

Learn about how the Enmax and SimplicityBI team built an innovative marketplace to serve the needs of users across Enmax and aid in the discovery of data. We will be discussing technologies used and the challenges involving security, performance, privacy and governance.

Today's complex organizations will often have hundreds if not thousands of data repositories, distributed across on-premise stores and now the cloud. For data to become truly democratized, non-specialists and data natives need to be able to easily find and access data without requiring outside help. A custom marketplace fueled by Denodo can provide a solution, a single access point for all of an organization's data assets exposed as reusable services and enriched with searchable metadata.

11:15am - 11:30am
Panel: Evolution of Data Virtualization from Data Federation
PANEL: Alex Rosenthal Guardian Life / Arif Rajwani SimplicityBI / Simon Ummard Enmax / Michael Hiskey Semarchy
MODERATOR: Ravi Shankar Denodo

This panel discussion is a follow-up to the sessions in the “Introduction to Data Virtualization” theme.

11:30am – 12:00pm
Networking Break / Partner Showcase

THEME 2 - In-memory Fabric / Real-time:

12:00pm - 12:15pm
Customer Presentation: The Need for Speed and Agility in Business
Nagaraj Vijapurkar CIT Group

Speed is everything. Businesses that move fast leave their competition in the dust. But one needs high performance architecture to enable it.
Attend this session to learn:

  • How businesses can move faster than their competitors with the right architecture
  • The critical technology component that enables speed and agility
  • How to build a data services layer to protect the data sources from corruption
12:15pm - 12:30pm
Partner Presentation: Outpace Your Competition with Real-Time Responses
Rakesh Verma Wipro

Today’s digital economy demands a new way of running business. Flexible access to information and responses in real time are essential for outpacing competition.
Attend this session to discover:

  • Data access challenges faced by organizations today
  • How data virtualization facilitates real-time analytics
  • Key use cases and customer success stories
12:30pm - 12:45pm
Denodo Presentation: Accelerating Analytics Architectures with Parallel In-Memory Processing and Data Virtualization
Alberto Pan Denodo

The tide is changing for analytics architectures. Traditional approaches, from the data warehouse to the data lake, implicitly assume that all relevant data can be stored in a single, centralized repository. But this approach is slow and expensive, and sometimes not even feasible because of the distributed nature of data.
Attend this session to learn:

  • Why logical architectures are the best option when integrating big data
  • How Denodo’s parallel in-memory capabilities with dynamic query optimization redefine analytics architectures
  • How IT can meet business demands for data much faster using data virtualization
12:45pm - 01:00pm
Panel: How In-Memory Fabric Redefines Analytics Architectures
PANEL: Nagaraj Vijapurkar CIT Group / Alberto Pan Denodo / Rakesh Verma Wipro / Itai Weiss Mainline
MODERATOR: Saptarshi Sengupta Denodo

This panel discussion is a follow-up to the sessions in the “In-memory Fabric/Real-time” theme.

01:00pm – 02:00pm
Networking Lunch and Birds-of-a-Feather Session / Online Studio

THEME 3 - Self Service BI:

02:00pm - 02:15pm
Customer Presentation: Succeeding in Self-Service BI
Kyle Quass Indiana University

Businesses are demanding more autonomy from IT to enable the creation the necessary reports and to perform analysis.
Attend this session to learn:

  • How to create an environment that enables self-service
  • How to architect an universal semantic model - a common business definition layer that simplifies integration
  • Liberating the business users to use any reporting tool
02:15pm - 02:30pm
Partner Presentation: Democratizing Data for Business Users with Self-Service BI
Nicolas Brisoux Tableau

Business users come in all shapes and sizes. It’s imperative to understand who they are (e.g., data analysts, power users, executives or machines) and the data they need. Self-service initiatives can only be successful when business users’ views of the data are holistic, and consistent across distinct business functions.
Attend this session to learn:

  • What universal semantic model is, and why it is critical for self-service initiatives
  • Why data virtualization is the best-fit technology for data democratization
  • How data virtualization enables self-service with guard rails
02:30pm - 2:45pm
Denodo Presentation: Demo. Centralized Self-Service Search and Discovery
Phoebe Bakanas Denodo

Finding the right data within seconds is what matters most to analysts and decision makers. Data virtualization incorporates a rich business-user oriented information catalog and self-service interface to search, discover, model and collaborate.
Attend this demo to learn:

  • How to find the right data efficiently, even when users are unfamiliar with the data models
  • How to enrich the metadata with tags, annotations, and comments to foster collaboration
  • How to discover relationships and associations in the data as well as to share the data responsibly
02:45pm - 03:00pm
Panel: Why Self-Service BI is the Future
PANEL: Kyle Quass Indiana University / Nicolas Brisoux Tableau / Geoff Guerdat Looker / Phoebe Bakanas Denodo
MODERATOR: Paul Moxon Denodo

This panel discussion is a follow-up to the sessions in the “Self-Service BI” theme.

03:00pm – 03:30pm
Networking Break / Partner Showcase

Theme 4 – Big Data / Edge Computing:

03:30pm - 03:45pm
Customer Presentation: Integrating Big Data and Streaming Data with Enterprise Data
Arun Murugan GE Capital

Big data projects are becoming mature and consistent. However, they remain siloed compared to the enterprise data. In addition, now new streaming data needs to integrated as well.
Attend this session to learn:

  • How big data projects can be combined with other enterprise data
  • How to integrate streaming data into the mix
  • Benefits of aggregating the data without having to move them into a centralized repository
03:45pm - 04:00pm
Partner Presentation: Edge Computing: Collecting vs. Connecting to Streaming Data
Piet Loubser Hortonworks

Big data optimization is a daunting task. The optimizer is one of the most complex parts of any big data engine; it must ensure that the execution engine is performing at its best, so understanding how it works is crucial.
Attend this session to learn:

  • Challenges in working with Big Data Workloads
  • What is under the hood of the data virtualization optimization engine
  • When, how, and why to use different optimization options
04:00pm - 4:15pm
Denodo Presentation: Data Virtualization in the World of Edge Computing
Pablo Alvarez Denodo

The Internet-of-Things is further evolving into Internet-of-Anything. Organizations are empowering business users with actionable intelligence derived from data-in-motion, data-at-rest, and enterprise applications. Edge computing plays an important role in the IoT ecosystem since immediacy enables faster response to urgent conditions.
Attend this session to learn:

  • How edge computing enables IoT-driven businesses
  • The role of data virtualization in Internet-of-Anything
  • Data virtualization and edge computing patterns
04:15pm - 04:30pm
Panel: When to Collect vs. Connect to Data
PANEL: Arun Murugan GE Capital / Piet Loubser Hortonworks / Nick Sarkisian HCL / Pablo Alvarez Denodo
MODERATOR: Michael Papalos Denodo

This panel discussion is a follow-up to the sessions in the “Big Data / Edge Computing” theme.

04:30pm - 05:30pm
Networking / Drinks Reception / Partner Giveaways
05:30pm – 08:00pm
Data Virtualization in the Cloud Hands-on Lab (pre-registration required / dinner included)

Join this hands-on workshop to achieve the first set of skills necessary to efficiently use the Denodo Platform for data virtualization along with connectivity to Amazon Redshift data warehouse in the cloud. Attendees will gain first-hand experience with the end-to-end flow: connect, extract, transform, structure and publish specific targeted data using the Denodo Platform as well as visualize the data using a business intelligence tool.

Boot Camp - Data Virtualization Architect

Paul Moxon Denodo

The Data Virtualization Architect boot camp is a ½ day version of our Data Virtualization Architect course. The course covers architectural patterns for the use of data virtualization and best practices for performance optimization, data services governance, scalability and operation.

What will you learn from this session? Taught by Paul Moxon - VP of Product Strategy and Chief Evangelist at Denodo, this course will cover:

  • Example of how companies are using data virtualization to solve real business problems
  • How data virtualization is critical part of a modern data architecture
  • How it provide data security and access on an "as needed" basis rather than based on data silos
  • How data virtualization provide data self-service with control and governance ("self-service with guardrails")
  • How data virtualization exposes data services and should be a part of any microservices architecture
08:00am - 08:30am
On-site Registration and Networking Breakfast
08:30am - 10:30am
Deep-dive: Data Virtualization Architectural Patterns
10:30am - 11:00am
Networking Break
11:00am - 01:00pm
Deep-dive: Performance optimization, Data Services Governance, Scalability and Operation
01:00pm - 2:00pm
Networking Lunch